It's pronounced "Ah-lie-zuh" ;)

Photography By Allyza

Helloooo! Now that you know how to same my name, time to know more about me!

I'm a mother to two of my own and a bonus mom to my Fiancé's daughter. I work in the wild corporate world and photography is my side hustle.

As your photographer, I don't just have you pose then *click* – you're guaranteed to feel a special connection between us! It is also guaranteed that that connection reflects in the images you receive from me! This is something I am very proud of and will always be part of my brand!

Fact 1

I was born and raised in the Philippines, fluent in Tagalog & English. I also spent 5 years of my life in Singapore, 2 in Guam , 4 in Northern California, 3 in Southern Maryland and a year & some change in Oahu.

Fact 2

My favorite color is BLACK, white gets second place.

Fact 3

I wear my watch on my right wrist, I'm a righty.

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